Everything you want to know about Vicky Foods

Our origins, back in the ’50s …


We started out as a family-owned bakery in Villalonga (Valencia). A family business with 100% Valencian capital.

Currently, we have factories in Gandia, Villalonga and Sig (Algeria). We have an egg factory in Terrateig, a plastic film packaging factory in La Pobla del Duc and a factory that produces and packages dried fruits and nuts in Las Palmas.

Our network of distributors and delegations spans the whole of Spain, as well as Algeria, Morocco, Portugal, France and Andorra. We also export to more than 40 countries.


The Farm

Egg-laying hens: +500,000
Employees: 12
2018 Production: 7,500 tonnes of liquid egg
Coverage: 85% of requirements

Plant for plastic printing and bags for packaging

It has 4 flexographic printers and a lamination unit.
It produces 100% of the packaging used in our cake, pastry and bread factories

Employees: 50

2018 Production:

 Film: 2.539 tonnes

Bags: 51.000.000 units

Routes: 234 pre-sales routes

Employees: 484

Own customers: More than 22.000

Dulcesol Portugal: Portugal

Dulcesol France: France

Dulcesol Maroc: Moroco

Dulcesol Algerie: Argeria

Vicky Foods means:

Our mission

We want Vicky Foods to be an
innovative food company, with a firm
position of leadership, international
projection and focused on all our
customers and consumers.


Our mission

  • To offer our customers and consumers
    the best value for money
  • Be leaders in our strategic markets
  • International expansion

Our values

  • Quality
  • Maximum customer satisfaction
  • Commitment to training and professional development
  • Commitment to our suppliers
  • Social responsibility
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Reinvestment commitment


  • Family Business
  • Bulk Manufacturer
  • Self-Financing
  • Efficiency


We understand that it is our duty to account for any economic
and social aspects that affect or might affect our employees, customers,
our communities and, ultimately, society as a whole.


214.000 tonnes

Sales in tonnes

In 2023, Vicky Foods produced
more than 214,000 tonnes.

This figure has been achieved with an
extensive range of more than 400 products.


+2900 employees


Vicky Foods employs more than 2900 people, more than 45% of whom are women.

According to our production and marketing forecasts,
over the next two financial years, our staff numbers are expected
to increase by approximately 10 per cent.


164 million euros


Over the last five years, Vicky Foods has made investments in state-of-the-art installations and machinery worth 164 million euros.

This amount includes our new line of sliced bread, the largest in Spain, an automated logistics warehouse and a baby food manufacturing factory among our key investments.



629 million euros in sales in 2023 alone

The most well-known and prominent activity of
Vicky Foods is our manufacturing of pastries and
cakes on an industrial scale, but over a
decade ago we also become one of the leading large-scale manufacturers of sliced bread.

Furthermore, in 2010, Vicky Foods began to
manufacture spreadables, and in 2013
it began to produce
jars of baby food.

Production process


Egg, flour, sugar, oil, fruit, vegetables, wheat …


Intermediate products

Chocolate, spreadables, jams, jellies …


Processing equipment

Projects and installations, facilities/adaptations of equipment, programme development, innovation and process improvement.


Finished products

Mixes: muffins, coca pastry…
Fermented doughs: croissants, pandorino sweet breads…
Puff pastries: palmiers, filled puff pastry…
Sponges: brazo de gitano swiss roll, chapela…
Baby food: jars of baby food…
Cream of vegetable soups
Breads: sliced, burger buns, hot dog buns…
Chocolate spread

How do we do it?

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Vicky Foods
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