Commitment to society


The spirit of Social Responsibility has always been present in our organisation since the very beginning.

In recent years, we have seen the need to organise and manage all these actions in order to better respond to the demands of our stakeholders.

Generate value

We understand that it is our duty to generate value in a responsible and sustainable way for our employees, customers, consumers, for the local community and, in general, for society as a whole.

That is why we are committed to doing things in the best possible way in order to give back to society and not to cause it harm.

In our organisation, we realise this commitment through various social actions, by supporting social collectives, institutions and entities.

Commitment to society

Vicky Foods collaborates with a wide group of charitable organisations, operating primarily in our local area, but also at a provincial level.

More than 40 collaborative partnerships

with charities, NGOs, food banks and soup kitchens.
Commitment to society

Linked to healthy lifestyle habits

Supporting educational and sports activities such as popular athletics or hiking.

In 2019, we have made a strong commitment to supporting initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles, following our commitment to ensure the health of our consumers and employees.

Carrying out a series of activities related to sports and physical activity, such as sponsoring popular races, walking marches or the Healthy Cities challenge, encouraging our employees to add 10,000 steps a day.

Promoting educational workshops on nutrition with children, such as Gastro Genius Lab or Gandia Junior Chef, and through the second edition of the Dulcesol Summer Campus, which brought together more than 300 children, between 8 and 16 years old, for two weeks in an environment of fun and conviviality.

A solidarity initiative in which the funds raised have been entirely donated to the Spanish Association Against Cancer.


people visited our facilities


interventions in public forums


awards in 2019 in the field of corporate social responsibility




Finally, the company works with various cultural and artistic associations, universities, public and private bodies, research centres, etc.

Collaborating on the following:

  • Training Events
  • Sponsorship of university fellowships
  • Sponsorship of sporting events
  • Financing R&D projects
  • Cultural agreements
Commitment to society

Vicky Foods, committed to culture

The art of reusing

You don’t often hear about reusing at an artistic level. However, there are certain artists who base their creations on the aesthetics of recycling. This is certainly true of Josep Basset, who we are very proud to work with, giving him obsolete machinery so that he can recreate art and bring new life to these pieces.

The reinsertion of disused artefacts into the social current by way of industrial reuse is a perspective that we should be paying greater attention to if we are aware of the difficult ecological imbalance we are bequeathing to our successors.

Thanks to artists such as Basset, our industrial waste can have a second life.


Josep Basset

Commitment to society

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