Innovation and Nutrition

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Your health, our greatest challenge

Our commitment from day one: to produce food that delivers guaranteed certified quality; to innovate continuously; and to anticipate the needs of the market.

Food Quality

The younger generations are the future, and we must watch what they eat. It is our responsibility to teach them how to lead a healthy life and to choose quality products.


At Vicky Foods, we can guarantee the selection of our ingredients, since they are subject to multiple controls above and beyond the current legal requirements. This allows us to offer better products with guaranteed certified quality every day.

Innovation and Nutrition
Innovation and Nutrition

Innovation (Investment in R&D/Innovation)

We believe that part of our activity involves developing continuous improvements in the processes of industrial development.

That is why, over the past year, just as before, the Group has continued to invest in research and the development of new products and processes that can add value to our manufacturing.

Innovation and Nutrition

Health and nutrition

Here at Vicky Foods, for the past 10 years, we have been committed to offering a wide variety of healthy options for all our consumers.

Our track record...

We removed all azo dyes from our products
We removed partially hydrogenated fats | We introduced cereal bars
We introduced whole wheat baked goods
We introduced our range of baby food | We set up a Chlorella algae production plant | We began using olive oil in our sliced bread
Signing the new PAOS Code Against Childhood Obesity | Introduction of the Chlorella Innova Range | Reducing sugars and fats | Incorporation of Fibre | Incorporation of Omega 3 | Introduction of SANNIA Healthy Range private brand customer (with no added sugars) | Introduction of products with no added sugars - Mojicon | Introduction of cakes enriched with Fe and Ca (private brand customer)
We introduced Organic Purées for Senior Customers - Natur Crem
We introduced our range of Functional AND/OR Organic Smoothies My menu / Be Plus | Introduction of the Gluten-free range - Manjus
We set up the Dulcesol Centre for Innovation in Health and Nutrition (CINS, for its abbreviation in Spanish) | We signed up to the Collaboration Plan to Improve the Composition of Foods 2017-2020 AECOSAN
Innovation and Nutrition

Our mission is to promote the 5 Health Commitments relating to the well-being of consumers and employees of Vicky Foods, through the coordination of activities in our Health Strategy.


to ensure the well-being of consumers and employees
Innovation and Nutrition

1. Promote scientific research for nutritional improvement

We believe pleasure can become healthy. We have reached scientific collaboration agreements in accordance with the highest standards of scientific conduct, quality, credibility and integrity, with a view to improving the nutrition of our products, aimed both at specific groups (seniors, babies/children) and the general population.

Innovation and Nutrition

2. Promote healthy lifestyle habits among our consumers

We believe that the adoption of appropriate healthy lifestyle habits, together with the importance of physical exercise, contributes to the health of our consumers and the responsible consumption of our products.

Innovation and Nutrition

3. Improve the nutritional profile of our products

We want to contribute to improving the health of our consumers, and so we strive to improve the nutritional profile of our products, reducing the levels of sugar, salt and saturated fats, and incorporating ingredients with healthy properties.

Innovation and Nutrition

4. Promote health and wellness programmes for our employees

We strive to make our Health Commitments to consumers a reality. To be credible, our first challenge must be the welfare of our team, the company’s most valuable asset. For this reason, one of the 5 Health Commitments established by VICKY FOODS is related to the promotion of health among our employees.

Innovation and Nutrition

5. Inform, educate and communicate with our consumers in a transparent way

We want to promote the responsible consumption of our products, so we aim to provide the necessary information in a simple and understandable way with regard to the nutritional profile of the products, how they should be eaten and how often.

Training and research


Vicky Foods has set itself the challenge to bring students into the world of business and contribute to their education. We also work with universities, technical institutes and associations because innovation is part of our DNA.

Educating young people


Innovation and Nutrition
Innovation and Nutrition
Innovation and Nutrition

Team research

Technical institutes and associations

  • CTNC
  • FIAB
  • Spanish Bioeconomy Observatory
  • CNTA
  • Bionos


We promote a creative community of ideas aimed at the general public—regardless of whether they buy our brand or not—in order to remain loyal to innovation and the principles that define the food group and due to the fact that they are the people who are building a brand.

Users of any device will be able to share their ideas freely or have their say on a variety of challenges proposed by VICKY FOODS. In return, VICKY FOODS will reward them for their participation with a points system based on the number of ideas contributed, their innovative character, and whether or not these ideas are eventually applied and give rise to new products or methodologies.

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